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Picture4Our distribution system was custom made for the Botswana market through experience we gained during the past 21 years. Through a number of changes to the standard wholesale distribution model we have managed to find a winning model for the current market, but as the market change our systems will also change. Medswana offers very competitive pricing to our clients. We also offer full distribution reports to all our suppliers at no extra cost to the supplier and reports can be custom made for the specific suppliers needs.  We currently distribute products for around 150 companies.

We run bi-monthly promotional magazine for all the healthcare professionals (Pharmacies, Private Doctors, Dentists, Veterinary surgeons, Hospitals, and Clinics etc) who get distributed freely to our clients every month.

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Botswana drug regulation is governed by a stringent regulatory board that assures that all pharmaceutical drugs, complimentary medicines and cosmetics that enter the country are of adequate quality, efficacy and safety.

Medswana has a regulatory pharmacist who assists principle pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies to legally get their products in the Botswana market

Areas covered by regulatory pharmacist:

  • Exemptions from registration (for once off importation)
  • Registration of ethical and complimentary medicines (including variations)
  • Registration of cosmetics
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Pharmaceutical marketing
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onlineMedswana has an online ordering system that is outsourced to Xprocure. This system allows doctors and pharmacists to order from our warehouse via the internet. Clients have a real-time view of our stock holding and pricing.

The system is connected to 2 other wholesalers allowing clients to compare prices and order stock based on availability.

To get Xpocure online ordering please contact them on:

  • Tel: +27 11 562-6500
  • Fax: +27 11 562-6501
  • Helpdesk: 0861 XPROCURE or 0861 977-628
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telesalesMedswana has a telesales department, comprising of 7 people who are constantly phoning customers and taking orders and also reminding them of any promotions and deals. We also have 4 marketers calling into customers to take orders, help with any merchandising and promotions, and also to pick up on any issues with our service levels and stock availability. Our qualified pharmacy technician looks after our key accounts and the sales & marketing manager also calls into the market on a regular basis to ensure that the best service is provided and our customers are well looked after.