Delivering Care, Nationwide

Our ultimate goal is simple – to ensure that every client and patient receives the right products and medicines on time. That’s why we’re proud to offer free-of-charge countrywide deliveries.

Local deliveries are efficiently managed through our dedicated fleet, while national deliveries are handled in partnership with a trusted third party courier. Our distribution system is the result of 24 years of market experience, expertly tailored to the unique demands of the Botswana market.

Our Footprint

We distribute to over 180 facilities in Botswana which include pharmacies, private doctors, dentists, veterinarians, surgeons, hospitals (government and private), clinics, cosmetics, herbal shops & retail stores.

Every aspect of our distribution process is meticulously designed to ensure your products are handled with care, delivered on time, and uphold the highest quality standards.

Wherever you are in Botswana, we will bring our products to you.

Our distribution schedules for clients in Gaborone is as follows:

Orders placed from 0845Hrs to 1100Hrs will be delivered from 1200Hrs.

Orders placed from 1101Hrs to 1430Hrs will be delivered from 1515Hrs.

Orders placed from 1431Hrs to 0845Hrs the next day will be delivered from 0930Hrs.

Our distribution schedule for clients outside Gaborone is as follows:

Orders placed from 0800 to 1630 will leave our warehouse the same evening.

Orders placed after 1630Hrs will only leave the next evening.