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Easily download application forms, KYC guidelines, and other relevant documents necessary for establishing and maintaining a secure and compliant relationship with us.


In accordance with BoMRA guidelines and regulations for wholesalers’ license renewals, all wholesalers need to do annual document authentication and verification of all its customers. As Medswana, we will adhere to enforce this on an annual basis in regard to our Compliance Policies.

The following documents are required for the different industries irrespective whether you have a cash or credit account with us. Please email all documents to

1. Fast Moving Consumer Goods
     • Trade License

2. Pharmacies
     • Trade License
     • BOMRA approval for Licensing
     • BHPC valid Blue Card
     • Private Practice License MoHW

3. Private Hospitals
    • Inspectorate License from MoHW (Hospitals Only over a 5 year period)
    • BoMRA approval for Licensing
    • BHPC valid blue card for the Hospital Superintendent
    • Private Practice License from MoHW for the Hospital Superintendent

4. Medicals Practitioners/Clinics and Private Practices
    • BHPC valid blue card
    • Private Practice License from MoHW

5. Veterinary clinics
    • BoMRA Practice License

Account Application Requirements