Innovative Warehousing: Ensuring Quality in Every Step

Our operations are driven by innovative warehousing and distribution practices. These practices are the backbone of our commitment to deliver life-changing medicines to patients across Botswana.

Cold Room

Our 50 square meter in-house Cold Room is a state-of-the-art masterpiece. With energy efficiency, automated controls, and remote monitoring, it maintains a refrigeration range of 2-8ºC.

Temperature Mapping

The Cold Room is meticulously temperature mapped, securing uniform temperature distribution to ensure the integrity of every stored product.

Cloud-Powered Monitoring

Critical data from our Cold Room is stored on the cloud, generating alerts that keep our team informed and proactive, guaranteeing product quality and safety.

Precise Regulation

Our Cold Room features four sensors strategically positioned for precise temperature regulation. This guarantees that the temperature remains consistent and within the optimal range, regardless of external factors.


We understand the importance of reliability. Dual condensers are integrated for backup purposes, ensuring that even in unforeseen circumstances, the integrity of the stored products remains intact.

Medication of Highest Quality

Our meticulous attention to temperature regulation, redundancy, and cloud monitoring culminates in our ability to provide medications of the highest quality. Every product leaving our facility is backed by our commitment to efficacy and safety.

Brands we house and distribute

Our commitment to advancing well-being is reflected in the pharmaceutical brands we proudly house and distribute. Our partnerships extend beyond distribution—we are collaborators in the pursuit of better health outcomes. Each pharmaceutical brand within our warehouse is a testament to the collaborative effort to advance healthcare and improve the quality of life for individuals nationwide.